flower care

Here is an easy guide to care for your flower arrangement


If your flowers are in a vase, keep the vase filled with water. No need to fill all the way to the top, just make sure all the stems are under water.

We love flowers in test tubes and it is very important you have the tubes filled with water. Check on them every couple days. We do not put thirsty flowers on them, so they will be fine!

Flower foods make flowers last longer but it is important to follow the mixing directions on the flower food packet. Most packets are to be mixed with either a pint or a quart of water. Flower foods should not be diluted with more water than is specified on the packet.

If the water becomes cloudy, replace it entirely with new, fresh water.

Re-cut stems by removing one to two inches with a sharp knife or clippers. Immediately place the stems into the water.

Keep flowers in a cool spot (65 to 72F), away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, or directly under ceiling fans. Most flowers will last longer under cool conditions.

One word: Hydrangeas!! They are super delicate, especially the white ones. If for any reason they start to wilt, remove from the arrangement and let the entire stem, including the head, soak in a bucket of iced water for few hours. After that, shake them carefully and cut the stem under the water. Put it back in the arrangement and they will last more!


Antique green hydrangeas will dry out nicely! They keep the size, color and shape for months. Just keep them in the water until you notice they are dry and enjoy!

Calla lilies: they can't be under too much water, just about 2 inches or so.

For plants like succulents, petite orchids and other tropicals: water a little once per week. The soil needs to dry. Keep them happy with indirect sunlight.  You can grow another succulent plant from healthy leaves: just let the leaves sit on top of the soil and watch it grow!

Give us a call if you have any questions!





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