fine sweets

Petits fours? Bonbons? Truffles? Mini desserts?


The uniquiness (and deliciousness) of these mini works of art have no definition. It brings a whole new meaning for your dessert bar. Each bite size sweet is made from scratch, handcrafted and designed to wow your guests and be the stars of your party. It is a new level of sophistication to your dessert table. It puts the candy bar to shame.


We use the finest ingredients to have perfect flavors, be it Callebaut chocolate, fresh and dried fruits, nuts and spices from all over the world. Take a look at our gallery bellow to see some suggestions but most can be tailored to your taste! (Apricot with Nutella filling? Why not?).

pineapple nest
milk chocolate
milk chocolate bonbon with fondant flower
pistachio, toasted coconut, walnut, apricot cream, apricot with coconut cream, pecan "pie" with fondant bonbons
mini lime delight
mini limes with dulce de leche cream and coconut. Seasonal. Min x per order
peanut butter cream
peanut butter cream covered with roasted, chopped peanuts, Italian waffle, chocolate ganache
guava roll
guava paste filled with cream cheese cream, topped with fresh kiwi.
guava flower
white chocolate cups filled with white chocolate ganache and preserved guava flower
walnut bonbon covered with chopped walnut
coconut flower
hazelnut flower
hazelnut bonbon and flower
fig flower
chocolate noir
dark chocolate cup with dark chocolate cream and gold dragees
cherry bonbon
cherry truffle with dark chocolate
chocolate cups: almond cream covered with sliced almond, passion fruit mousse covered with white dragees, coconut cream with coconut flower, salame di cioccolato squares with transfers
toasted coconut
coconut bonbon covered with toasted coconut shreds
pineapple bonbon
pineapple bonbon covered with crunchy white chocolate pearls
pumpkin nest
chocolate cup with pumpkin/ cream cheese bonbon
passion fruit nest
chocolate cup with passion fruit cream and cream cheese
fancy bonbon
milk chocolate bonbon, Belgium confetti topped with Italian waffle, ganache and white chocolate star
grape surprise
fresh grape covered with chocolate cream and dragees in a chocolate cup
coconut flower
dulce de leche bonbon covered with coconut flower
apricot shell
dried apricot filled with apricot bonbon, covered with gold dragees
white peanut butter
white chocolate cup filled with peanut butter bonbon, covered with peanuts "dust" and fondant flower
walnut bonbon covered with fondant and topped with walnut
macadamia basket
dark chocolate cup filled with macadamia cream, covered with gold dragees
fancy nuts
Brazilian nuts bonbon covered with sesame seeds and ganache; peanuts and dark chocolate bonbon with dark chocolate ganache
hazelnut cup
dark chocolate cup, hazelnut cream
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Tasting: To allow you to try the tastes, we will have small portions of the chosen flavors, although some can be presented as the final product. As everything is made from scratch, please allow us at least a week for the tastings and to have samples of the wraps available.


- The wraps shown are not included in the price. Please consult our wraps page for pricing.

- Wraps such as paper flowers will pop and add a unique touch to a table, but the sweets can be arranged in trays.

- Minimum of 12 pieces per order.

- We suggest from 4 to 6 pieces per guest.

- Prices vary, start at $2.50 per piece.

Call or email us for an estimate, arrange a tasting or ask any questions you may have. We will be glad to assist you!


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